Seats, Fists Fly in First Toronto win

Toronto FC got their first goal and three points of their franchise in a 3-1 win over the Chicago.  Danny Dichio got Toronto its first goal in the 24th minute and the FC faithful responded by flinging seat covers, the give away for the game, onto the field in celebration.

Chicago struck back 12 minutes later with a Chris Rolfe strike from 20 yards out to put FC back on the defensive.  Just before the half a hockey game broke out, with Dichio and Diego Gutierrez getting tossed, making both teams a man down for the second half.

Kevin Goldthwaite struck back in the 51st minute with another goal for the home side.  Maurice Edu iced Toronto’s first win by slotting one home from Andrea Lombardo, Edu’s first career goal.  Toronto gets their first points in their 5th MLS game against a mid level Chicago team.


Fernando Clavijo and William Fichtner

Because a 1-1 game on own goals just doesn’t do it for me (neither does the 20 minute discussion of Freddy Adu). So again, I’m in a “doesn’t that guy look like that guy” kind of mood… see the Claudio-Taylor comparison earlier.

So any way, aside from looking like a blood sucking vampire, Colorado coach Fernando Clavijo looks remarkably like television “that guy” William Fichtner (Invasion, Prison Break). I dunno, maybe its just me.

Finding MLS Game Torrents

Since I haven’t really said anything in a weekish (and since I haven’t watched a game since Thursday), I thought I’d provide an invaluable service and throw up some links for where to get some MLS game torrents.

For those who don’t know, torrents are basically way a distributed way to… well… distribute files over the internet. Think Napster, only you’re pulling the same info from lots of different people, which theoretically could cause faster speeds, but it really used to ease bandwith.

So first, you’ll need a program to download torrents. I use utorrent, which is not resource intensive and is pretty easy to use.

So first, go to a torrent website (listed below) and click on the download link. When you get the dialog asking you what you want to do (open or save), just choose open. If you haven’t used utorrent or other torrent program before, it will ask you what program to use. utorrent should be an option, but it not, browse to it in the Program Folder and select it.

utorrent will open (or if it is already open) and a new dialog will come up basically showing a lot of info, but just click ok to start downloading. That’s it. Then, just play the file in your favorite media player.

You can download the torrents at the following sites:
Hunt Park Insider

If you want, you can download the same game from both websites. This will cover you in case more people are using 1 website instead of the other. Just click on one and start the download in utorrent. Then click to use the other, and a prompt in utorrent will pop up telling you that you already are downloading, do you want to add the tracker? Just say yes. Now, anyone who is using either link will be giving you the file, not just one.

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Thoughts on KC-Toronto

Will Toronto ever score?  Obviously they will, but even despite putting together some solid stretches of soccer, they never really threatened on goal.  And this is with Kevin Hartman in goal.  Anyone could notch one against him.

Eddie’s goal was weak.  Greg Sutton is just not an MLS caliber keeper, there’s no reason to get beat on a slow roller like that.

Dichio seemed to provide a person to play through at the front, which gave Toronto someone who wouldn’t just dribble to the middle of nowhere and pass it to the touch line.

Marvel Wynne needs to just be planted by the flag during practices and just knock in crosses for a few hours.  He’s fast and seems to be a solid defender whose natural talent makes up for his marginal soccer skills.  He’s definitely lacking in the quality department expected of a previous #1 pick, especially at his age.  If he can refine his crosses, he’ll be trouble coming out of the back, but right now, Toronto is desperately lacking on that side of the field.  He’s got a nice throw in though.

Toronto’s attack really fell apart once Welsh left.  They no longer had anyone who looked dangerous roaming the wings, so KC was able to shut them completely down.

Esky again looks to have flashes of skill, but will he be able to consistently put those flashes together?

Mauricio Navarro is absolutely shit at being a referee.

Kansas City seemed to be sleeping through the return match, doing just enough to not lose.

The fans were spectacular.

Reyna and Taylor Hicks

No real reason for this. I’m watching Dallas and New York and they get a close up on Reyna. Perhaps I’m alone, but does anyone else think he looks like American Idol winner Taylor Hicks? Maybe if you gray’d up Reyna’s hair a lot… I dunno, just spit-balling.



Miniscule Crowd in KC

The Wiz and Toronto are playing in a massive rainstorm in Kansas City, and around 300 people look to have shown up.  It will be interesting to see what spin MLS puts on the attendance numbers, because the seats behind the goal are literally bare.  All the fans are scrunched around midfield in the first 8 rows on both sides.  I’ve seen more fans at high school soccer games.  I don’t blame people, it looks fucking nasty, and there’s really no reason to torture yourself to see KC beat Toronto, but the numbers there is pretty pathetic.  I’ve seen the Battery in worse weather.

Oh, and 20 minutes in, KC leads 1-0 on a goal from LFB (former Grown Ass Man Eddie Johnson, heretofore known as Little Fucking Bitch).

Mild Statistical Thoughts Through 3 Weeks

So I sit here going through some stats through 3 weeks of the season, since only 1 game was actually available on this weekend (and that one started showing in the 25th minute).

Home teams have 10 wins, 6 ties and 2 losses. That’s a 72% winning percentage. That’s the highest percentage since the first year without shootouts.

Home team records by year (through 18):
2006: 9-6-3
2005: 8-6-4
2004: 7-7-4
2003: 2-8-8 (includes OT w/l)
2002: 9-2-7 (includes OT w/l)
2001: 9-2-7 (includes OT w/l)
2000: 11-4-3 (first year with ties)

Home teams have outscored the away teams 31-14 in 18 games for a total of 45 goals. 52 (36-16) goals were scored at the same time last year.

There have been 63 yellow cards and 3 straight red cards so far (1 every week).

There has been 25 minutes and 44 seconds of 1st half stoppage time. There has been a total of 54 minutes and 22 seconds of second half stoppage time. There has been a total of 80 minutes and 6 seconds of stoppage time.

That means 67.8% of all the stoppage time occurs in the second half of games.

There have been 510 fouls in the MLS this season (includes cards). 261 fouls in the first half, 249 in the second half.

There have been 26 first half goals and 19 second half goals.

Now, while I understand that there is more time wasting generally in the second half, that still means that the average “event” in the first half takes 5.38 seconds, or Clint Mathis’s 40 time.

For the second half, the average “event” translates into 12.64 seconds, or the amount of time it takes Mathis to drink a sixer.

Now, while i don’t doubt that there is more gamesmanship in the second half than in the first, is there really over 2 times as much gamesmanship? I know that refs generally have an inclination to more time in the second half, but over twice as much?

No game has had over 135 seconds of stoppage time in the first half, with only 4 having less than that in the second half.

Looking at games reffed by Jair Marrufo, there have been 30 events in the first half and 23 in the second half. He’s added 3 minutes and 4 seconds of stoppage time in the first half and 8 minutes and 37 seconds in the second half over 2 games.

Honestly, I don’t know what to make of these numbers, I just decided to keep track of them. Now, I am missing some “events”, like corners, goal kicks, throw ins and offsides, but MLS only keeps track of half of those, so without watching every game and charting it myself, this is probably as good as it gets.

So that smarter people than I can look at the numbers, I’m attaching a pdf and probably putting it on a shared google spreadsheet for everyone to look at.

So yeah, like I said, a I had mild thoughts, maybe like two. There rest was just numbers, but hopefully someone enjoyed it.


Google Spreadsheet version